LiveLittle aims to foster affordable, innovative and sustainable ways of living.

Our Communities

The quality of our communities is so fundamental to our individual and collective well being. Our communities have been exposed to increasing pressures, expensive land, unaffordable housing and increasingly disconnected neighbourhoods.

LiveLittle's vision is to re-create the fabric of our communities and neighbourhoods.
We are leaders in innovative and positive living options in both our established urban and regional communities.

Our Mission

LiveLittle provides architecturally designed energy and thermally efficient homes, small in scale, but big in quality, technology and a smart sense of space. The LiveLittle house is as robust in building quality that we expect in a home, it is fixed securely to the land, yet it offers a mobility that provides ease of relocation when needed.
LiveLittle is fostering an innovative and elegant housing solution, by bringing land owners with large backyards and LiveLittle home owners together under a shared and structured arrangement.

As a land owner, you could be connected to a network of tiny home owners seeking a parcel of land under a long term lease, a new neighbour and an additional income stream.
As a LiveLittle home owner, your tastefully designed home, built here in Western Australia is energy, thermally and acoustically efficient and can be taken anywhere with you in the future.
We are about better communities, stronger neighbourhoods and diverse housing options. Want to learn more?

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